Dental Implants Products Showcase

Synca & Hi-Tec Implants' New Partnership


Synca is proud to announce its new partnership as the exclusive distributor of

Hi-Tec implants in Canada. Hi-Tec has been producing premium quality dental implants and prosthetic elements for over 25 years.  Hi-Tec products are sold throughout the world and are already popular in the USA, all of Europe and many other countries. 


Hi-Tec offers over 12 different implant systems; many are fully compatible with the most popular systems available today.  As per Raymond Monette, president of Synca, Canadian dentists will now have a new option that makes implant dentistry more affordable for patients, while maintaining the quality of a premium brand. Its easy for dentists to use Hi-Tec, as in many cases, they continue to use their existing surgical kits; abutments are interchangeable with many name brands.


A complete on-line shopping cart will be available in the near future at

BioHorizons New Tapered - Short Implants


BioHorizons is introducing the new Tapered Short Implants. The Tapered Short Implants are available in 6mm and 7.5mm lengths, offering a solution for cases with limited vertical bone height and minimizing the need for bone grafting.


The implant design features an aggressive thread profile and tapered body for primary stability, even in compromised situations.


A platform-switched, dual-affinity, Laser-Lok® surface offers crestal bone maintenance and soft tissue attachment for flexible placement in uneven ridges.

TriHawk Featured Bur: TALON 12


The Talon line is the only line of metal and crown cutting burs with a hyperbolic shape and blades on top of the bur as well as on the sides. This makes them the only burs that can cut vertically as well as horizontally, which means:

•           A Talon's cutting speed is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

•           It's always cutting regardless of the angle you're holding it at.

•           It cuts as fast during the last 10 seconds as the first 10 seconds.


The Talon 12 is Tri Hawk most popular bur worldwide, and the #1 bur for tough restorative jobs. You'll find Talon to be the fastest-cutting, most aggressive bur you've ever seen for removal of old crowns, bridges and amalgam.


Give the Talon 12 a test drive and see for yourself why it's the choice of bur connoisseurs around the world. For more information please website at or call at 1-877-TRI HAWK (874-4295) 

Zimmer Biomet’s Dental Division Unveil New 3.1mmD Eztetic™ Dental Implant


A Strong, Esthetic Solution for Narrow Anterior Spaces Zimmer Biomet’s dental division is pleased to announce the  availability of its new 3.1 mmD Eztetic™ Implant, manufactured by Zimmer Dental, and accompanying surgical and restorative components.


The 3.1 mmD Eztetic Implant offers a strong, esthetic solution for narrow anterior sites.

This unique connection consists of a conical interface, platform switch and Double Friction-Fit™ technology designed to make strong narrow-diameter implants indicated for all anterior areas.

The Eztetic implant-abutment connection, along with a Contour Abutment profile, is designed to provide space for soft tissue and esthetic emergence of the restoration.


To learn more about the new 3.1mm D Eztetic Implant, go to